_Five days in Kraków: Good bye

_Five days in Kraków: Day 4 – continued

The last evening I went spontaniously to a concert performed by the Craców city orchestra at the St. Peter and Paul’s church. This one hour event was something I really loved because the acoustics of the church were very good and the artists gave their best while playing Vivaldi, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Gardel, Grieg and Pachelbel.

Not regretting anything I went back to my apartment in Kazimierz where I spent the last night. And believe it or not: After sunny four days Kraków said good bye to me with a misty morning.


Because of the foggy weather the airport was shut down until noon and my flight back was slightly (2.5 hours) delayed. My taxi driver brought me back to the airport where I waited until take off.

In summary I can say that this town did better than my expectations have been. I think that I will travel Poland frequently and see the beauty of a country that isn’t that „crowded“ like others.

Good bye Cracow – good bye Poland, I will see you soon again!