_Short visit to Warsaw – part II


Short visit to Warsaw – part II

Six stops later the train reached Warsaw central. My first impression of the town was: it looked like any other, a little less beautiful because of the unpleasant weather and I do need some time to find my way around.

Because of my 3-day ticket for zone 1, I decided to go to my hotel (Stalowa 52) first, drop my luggage and then let’s do some sightseeing by myself . The upcoming day I’ll do have an appointment with a licensed tour-guide at 10 o‘clock, already. So why not giving myself a try first?

I asked a young lady outside Warsaw Centralna for directions to my hotel and she advised me to take 🚌 #517 to reach my destination. From the bus I caught a first blink of the Palace of Culture and Science. Almost twenty minutes later I reached bus stop Szwedzka. From there it was only a 500m walk left to the hotel.

Exiting the 🚌 and crossing the Aleja Solidarniości changed my mood from being positively impressed to getting slightly depressed because of the fact that the suburb Praga wasn’t as pretty as expected. I‘ve been visiting  Kraków before and thought, that I would find a town somehow similar. Wrong expectations I have to say. This area looked like that no money had been spent for 30 years to change it to the better.

Arriving at the Arthotel Stalowa 52, the receptionist gave me a warm welcome, checked me in and helped me with my luggage because the room wasn‘t yet ready. Therefore I decided to see some more areas of the city by bus and tram.

Entrance hall of Stalowa 52

First, I walked from my hotel to a teller machine to get some Zloty cash which makes it easier to travel. On my way through the quarter I found a close-by tram station. #23 was „waiting“ for me, so I decided to ride with it to the very end of the line, up to Nowe Bemowo.