_Short visit to Warsaw – part V

Short visit to Warsaw – part V

Royal Castle square with column and view towards Old Town
Royal Castle square with column and view towards Old Town

When we started our city tour I thought that the weather would change to the better but I was wrong: The mist increased and the temperature dropped towards 0° Centigrade. We continued walking through Old Town where my tour-guide told about the history of the capital of Poland and why it was resided from Kraków to Warsaw. She explained the situation before, during and after WWII and what effort was necessary to reconstruct and rebuilt it.

My eyes grabbed images that where astonishing beautiful and also very reminding. At buildings you could find very often the word „Hitlerowcy“ which means „Nazis“ and is a constant reminder of the fanatic German leader of that time. I will not talk and discuss history here in my blog because that is something that all readers should be aware of and handle it by themselves.y recommendation for a visit to Warsaw is: Don’t go there when the sun doesn’t shine. It does have a huge influence on you and your reception of things.

We strolled further on through Świętojańska towards the Old Town market place. We passed by beautiful buildings that have been restored and rebuilt on the remaining of the war ruins. The job that they’ve done is amazingly good accomplished and the results are showing us the beauty of the past centuries. It’s a residential area and the housing costs are somehow affordable although the rent for a two-room apartment is roughly 2,000 PLN which equals 500 EUR in general in Warsaw. The exact costs might be slightly higher because of the fact that privileged people are renting here.

Reaching the town walls (Fortyfikacje staromiejskie) again we turned left to go back to Krakowskie Przedmieście passing by the Sigismund’s column (Kolumna Zygmunta III Wazy) towards the university and the new town center. Time to leave Old Town for a view of the new Warsaw – walking over Nowy Świat and then turning into Chmielna where I stopped at Cafe Lukullus to savour a piece of chocolate cake.

After four hours we closed down my booked city tour with overwhelming information I could have researched by myself but never would have done so. Marta offered my the chance that when I do encounter any kind of problems during my stay, I can call her for help. This is like a lifebelt when you don’t speak the local language and you might get lost or in trouble. I think that the money I spent for the tour was a very good investment – into the future.

This evening I decided to have dinner at the local restaurant Gościniec. I had Polish dumplings with spinach and garlic – and as a starter a soup in a bread bowl: Sour rye soup, served in cooked sourdough with smoked bacon and horseradish, served with egg and traditional polish white sausage. Both are very traditional and delicious dishes.

at the Gościniec
at the Gościniec

For my way back to the hotel I jumped on the bus #517 again. The public transportation system in Warsaw is very convenient and as soon as you do understand how to use it, quite inexpensive and easy to get adopted.

More to come, soon …