_Arriving in Málaga, Spain

On the way to Málaga over the Alps
On the way to Málaga over the Alps

Our day started at 5:45 o’clock in the morning because we had to be at the airport at 7:45 hours at least to make it to get the plane towards Munich with a connecting flight to Málaga. I did check-in the day before and assigned my seats about two weeks earlier. Fortunately enough I could get exit row seatings.

The airport security procedures were quite easy and quick because we had been there before the rush-hour started. Being on Lufthansa was a benefit too, today. The legroom was enormous and the service exceptional good. The first segment to MUC was 45 minutes with another 55 minutes to change aircrafts to reach AGP finally at 14:45 hours. The representative of the tour operator was already waiting for us and had arranged the transfer to the hotel. Riding in a taxi with no influence on the driving habits of the one who drove it was kind of scary. He drove like hell and not like being in charge for his passengers. He didn’t know the way to the hotel exactly, drove into a one-way traffic road (Passello de Matadero) to find „his way“ to the hotel and dropped us at the rear doors of the 4* Ilunion without paying attention to us anymore and left the scene.

Calle Ferrocarril del Puerto
Calle Ferrocarril del Puerto


The check-in at the hotel was easy and the room #207, facing Calle Jacinto Verdaguer, acceptable. Because of the fact that we stayed only one night at this place, we didn’t unpack our suitcases.

.After a quick refresh we took a stroll through the neighbourhood of this area which is close to the Port of Málaga. The Jardín de la Abadía Park grabbed our attention and we enjoyed a couple of minutes resting on a bench and watching birds while paying attention to the different trees and blossoms.

Later that evening we did have tree course dinner in a reserved area at the hotel we stayed in and close our first day in Andalusia.

More to follow …

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